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Guidelines for Safe Traveling

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It's important to be prepared for any eventuality when you are heading out of town. You can never tell what kind of situation you might have to face. So, be prepared to handle situations like disease, crime, or loss.

If you're traveling out of the country, you want to check to see if there are immunizations that are required to enter. You can check with the country's health department to see if there are any recommendations. While you have to complete some, you might also want to look into those that are just recommended. Talk with your doctor as to where these are given and get them well before you leave in case there are side effects that you experience.

You will also want to talk with your health insurance company to see what their policy is in other areas. You may need to pay for additional coverage for foreign travel, so be sure that you are covered no matter what happens.

When it comes to health abroad, it is best to keep away from tap water when you're abroad like most people do. For the same reason, if you are served with tepid meals, ask that they heated through thoroughly. And try not to go for the raw or semi-raw foods, or those not cooked a hundred per cent for fear they might contain bacteria?including guacamole and salsa dips, unless of course they are fresh, made when you order them.

Remember to carry some anti diarrhea drugs in case you get food poisoning. And if you do get it, drink lots of water and other fluid to re-hydrate yourself. Don't take chances if your symptoms persist -- do see a doctor, or visit the local hospital for treatment.

You need to safeguard yourself against crime while traveling. Try not to carry too much cash with you, and avoid attracting attention by displaying your wealth. Do not bring all of your expensive clothing and jewelry to wear. It's better to wear travel clothes and remain low key so that thieves don't get interested in you.

Carrying traveler's checks in place of large check amounts is also better -- because you need to show your identification and sign them twice to en-cash them. If someone steals them, you just simply call the issuer of the checks to replace them.

Additionally, to make sure you don't lose out in case something does get stolen or lost, try your insurer first. You might be able to get a valuables insurance cover policy to cover you while you are abroad. It will insure your new purchases abroad as well as protect your rented car and the items you carried for your trip.

All it needs is a little planning to make your trip as safe as possible. If you take the necessary precautions you will enjoy your exotic trip as though you're traveling anywhere in your home town.

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